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Relive Hereford in the time of the Bard

Haig Theatre Talk OCt


As the birthplace of David Garrick, Roger Kemble and (probably) Nell Gwyn, Hereford has a theatrical heritage to be proud of; indeed the city had a reputation for supporting theatre out of proportion to its population. 

Going to the theatre in Herefordshire in Shakespeare’s day was not, perhaps, the respectable pastime it is today. Long before the arrival of venues like the Courtyard, visiting companies of players would set up in inns and open spaces and put on shows that would make today’s audiences raise their eyebrows.

Robin Haig, author and historian of Herefordshire’s theatre, will be exploring this lost world of drama in a talk at Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre on Friday October 21, at 7pm. The talk will be on the Travelling Players: theatre in Herefordshire during the age of Shakespeare - will show how actors lived and worked on the fringes of the law and moral acceptability.

Chief Archivist Elizabeth Semper O’Keefe said:

‘It’s difficult to imagine how far removed the actors of Shakespeare’s day were from the mega stars of today’s stage and screen. Robin has brought that sometimes disreputable world to life and his talk will paint a vivid picture of Tudor life on the boards.’

The talk coincides with a current exhibition at HARC exploring Shakespearean Hereford as portrayed in Speed’s map of 1610.

Tickets are £5 and booking is essential. call 01432 260750 or email now

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