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15 minute care calls to be phased out

Herefordshire Council is planning to phase out controversial 15 minute home care calls in order to boost quality and ensure needs are met properly.

The value of 15 minute calls has been hotly debated nationally over the last few years as local authorities have been under increasing pressure to reduce budgets.  Herefordshire, like many other local authorities, has budget challenges but is focussing on improving quality as this provides better outcomes for people in the long term.

The number of 15 minute calls commissioned in Herefordshire is low (around 40 people currently receive them), and the plan is to reduce them even further.

Helen Coombes, director, adult and wellbeing, said: “Increasing use of technology and the growth of strong supportive communities is changing the way people can be supported in their own homes. 

“We want people who need care and support to enjoy a good quality of life and be active members of their local community, as far as they can be. 

“15 minute home care calls don’t provide the quality of care we want people in Herefordshire to have.  So in order to improve our focus in future, we will stop approving support plans that have 15 minute calls within them, unless it is made very clear that the person needing the support and/or their family believe it is the best way to meet their needs.”

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