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Norman Augustine to officially launch the NMITE (Herefordshire university) Schools Programme - on behalf of NMITE

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Tuesday 21st April 2015


NMITE Connect

Linking Schools and Colleges to Local Business

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Norman Augustine, famous for his extensive career in engineering, is coming to Herefordshire and launching the official ‘NMITE Connect’ schools programme in mid-April.


The ‘NMITE Connect’ event, supported by Norman, is designed to link schools with local businesses, creating opportunities for both them and their students, in the fields of engineering science.

School and college teachers, along with heads, are invited to come along to hear presentations from Norman, and others, on the types of benefit links with a local business can offer. They’ll be invited to talk to businesses about bespoke opportunities for their schools.

The NMITE Connect event, being held on Tuesday 21st April, will include:

The official launch speech, presented by Norman Augustine;

  • A number of speakers covering a range of advantages that schools and colleges will have by taking part in this new programme;
  • A group of year 6 pupils from Francis Xavier's RC Primary school in Hereford, presenting on why they need and would like a university in Hereford;
  • Local businesses exhibiting, at hand to speak about the working benefits they can offer; 
  • The chance to network and enjoy refreshments put on by NMITE;
  • The chance to meet the NMITE team.

The NMITE university team are reaching out to schools and colleges. ‘NMITE Connect’, linking schools and business, is the start of a long line of opportunities that NMITE will offer schools. The ultimate benefit students and pupils will have is through enhanced curriculums, and continued educational support.

NMITE is very clear on the importance of engaging with schools and colleges, and with students of all ages, according to David Sheppard, NMITE co-team leader. “We want to help schools and businesses forge relationships, these links will develop into programmes which ultimately benefit students and enhance their learning.”

“All schools in Herefordshire and border counties will be given the opportunity to become involved with NMITE and this is the just the start, linking them with their community and local businesses,” says David.

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