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Rural parish set to have one of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK

On behalf of the Fastershire project.

An historic, rural parish in south-west Herefordshire is looking forward to taking a giant leap onto the information superhighway this Spring.

Residents of Llangarron will be able to lay claim to living in one of the fastest rural parishes with some of the fastest broadband in the UK when there is a potential 100-fold increase in their broadband speeds during the next few months.

Around 450 homes and businesses in Llangarron and the nearby villages of Llancloudy and Llangrove will be able to get high-speed fibre broadband – with many having access to potential speeds of up to 330Mbps*. The current average in the village is around 3Mbps.

The superfast fibre broadband boost is being delivered by Fastershire, the partnership between Herefordshire Council, BT and Gloucestershire County Council, as part of the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme.

A mixture of technologies is being used to roll-out superfast broadband to Llangarron**. It involves engineers from Openreach – BT’s local network business – laying around 14 miles of fibre optic cable between now and the end of March. The average potential download speed will be 156Mbps.

Jesse Norman MP said: “Fast, reliable broadband is a lifeline for rural communities. By providing access to superfast speeds for so many homes and businesses in Llangarron, I hope Fastershire will enable the village and the surrounding area to take full advantage of online services for education, entertainment and business, and avoid some of the possible isolation of rural life. I greatly look forward to seeing how this community makes use of it.”

Herefordshire County Councillor Graham Powell said: “What we’re doing in Llangarron illustrates the strides we’re making in the county to deliver a fibre network that will make a massive difference to the whole of Herefordshire.”

Ian Binks, BT’s regional manager for Herefordshire and the West Midlands, said: “It’s fitting that this historic parish, with links to the Anglo Saxon times of Edward the Confessor, is now making its own bit of digital history a thousand years on.

“Fastershire is a huge engineering operation and our project teams are working hard to bring faster fibre broadband to more communities as quickly as possible. Whether you’re running a business from home or a family needing to connect lots of different devices to the internet at the same time, everything is easier and better with fibre broadband.”

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