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Latest updates on Colwall CE Primary School

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There have been ongoing issues with water entering the building at Colwall CE Primary School. From September 2014 the school has been relocated to a temporary site. The move will ensure continuity of education for the enrolled 190 children, while the building problems are resolved.

Latest updates

23 September 2014

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On 1 September all staff went back to school and worked solidly for three days to ensure everything was fit and ready to welcome the children to their new school village.

On 3 September, children and parents were invited for an hour to have a look around the new school and there was an overwhelmingly positive response from the children, new and current parents and teachers.

Head teacher Judith Tinsley said:

“Everyone feels like one big school now, which is really important.

“The turnout of this project has been outstanding, Portakabin and Integral have kept me up to date every step of the way and their relationship between each other was excellent. The education of the children has been at the forefront of everyone’s priorities to ensure they start the term as normal.”

There are still a few small things to update around the school, but nothing which impacts on the education of the children. By Christmas, the generator which the school is running off will be gone and there are future conversations planned to discuss the bigger picture and the future of the school.

The Portakabin’s will remain in place for a minimum of one to two years, to help the school cope with pupil demand and minimise disruption.

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The school and council are delighted with the measures in place, as are the children who appear to be extremely happy with their new school. 

29 August 2014

All the mobile units are now installed. There are still external works on site which are likely to continue for a further two weeks (even though children will be in and using the new mobiles).

These works will not impact on the running of the school.

The school has been gradually moving in over the past week. Staff should be able to use the building in earnest from Monday.

Classrooms should be set up ready for the children to arrive on Thursday 4th September.

19 August 2014

Teachers and teaching assistants will be allowed in their classrooms from 28 August to prepare for the new school term. Although some of the ground works will not be completed at this time, they should be completed the first week the children are back.

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The school is planning on opening on Wednesday 3 September at 2pm to 3pm for children and parents to visit their new classrooms.

It is advised to bring wellington boots for the visit.

Councillor Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council, said:

“We would like to thank everyone for their support, without their goodwill we would not have been able to implement the project. A big thank you to The Elms School and Diocese of Hereford which have allowed land to be used for construction access, soil storage and the siting of Portakabins. They are also allowing us to temporarily use the land as a playing field.”

13 August 2014

Planning permission has now been granted for the temporary school in Colwall.

11 August 2014

Building work still continues at Colwall CE Primary School.

The team on hand are making positive progress despite the disrupted weather over the weekend. A large section of the site has arrived along with a generator to support the work.

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Colwall Temporary School Buildings 13

31 July 2014

Cllr Jeremy Millar, cabinet member for young people and children’s wellbeing at Herefordshire Council, said:

“Along with partners we have been working very hard to find out why this problem is occurring at Colwall School and to put it right. We need to take action to ensure the children’s education continues in September 2014. Whilst we hope the costs do not reach the £2million made available, the important thing is that we are keeping the children together and close to their community. The school and wider Colwall community will be closely involved in deciding on the long term solution at the school, once investigation works are complete.” 

For more information see the news item issued on 31 July 2014.

09 July 2014

The governing body, school leadership and officers from Herefordshire Council have decided to move the children attending the school to temporary accommodation for 12 months from September 2014. The move will ensure continuity of education for the enrolled 190 children, while the building problems are resolved.

To understand and then resolve the building issues will require major work. Rather than work around the children, it has been decided to move the whole school to an alternative site in the village as a temporary measure.

For more information see the news item issued on 9th july 2014.

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