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Council pledges action against tobacco in Herefordshire

Today, Herefordshire Council has pledged to tackle the single biggest cause of preventable death and health inequalities in Herefordshire by signing the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control.

Every year in England, more than 80,000 people die from smoking related diseases. In Herefordshire, smoking remains the major cause of preventable death with approximately 315 smoking related deaths in those aged 35+ years. In addition there are approximately 1700 hospital admissions per year related to smoking.

Signing the declaration reaffirms the council’s commitment to reduce the prevalence of smoking in Herefordshire and also reflects the strength of our commitment to improving residents’ health by reducing tobacco use.

Cllr Powell cabinet member health and wellbeing said “The council is committed to doing all it can to tackle the damage that smoking causes in our communities; smoking is responsible for half of the difference in life expectancy between the richest and poorest residents of our county. This is a statistic which we can and must change; signing up to this declaration sends a strong message about our commitment to doing so.”

Susan Lloyd, director of public health added, “public health and Herefordshire Council will work together to lead local action to tackle smoking and secure the health, welfare, social, economic and environmental benefits that come from reducing smoking prevalence.

The signing of this declaration coincides with the beginning of the Stoptober campaign which challenges people to stop smoking for the month of October, increasing their chances fivefold of quitting for good.”

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