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Council statement: High Town fire damaged buildings

We can confirm that the Section 215 Notice pertaining to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 was formally served on the owner of the fire damaged buildings in High Town, Hereford on Friday 24 October.

The notice requires three actions to be undertaken:

  1. The retained facades need to be internally stabilised

  2. A 4.8m hoarding needs to be erected across the full width of the front of the property (which is the northern boundary of the site)

  3. A pictorial representation of the approved redevelopment scheme needs to be included on the erected hoarding

The council has also informed the owner that the existing scaffolding licence will not be extended beyond the notice compliance period.

The owner has 80 days to comply with the notice after it takes effect on Tuesday 2 December and early indications suggest that they are indeed taking steps to complete the necessary actions.

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