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Council statement: Councillor Olwyn Barnett

Councillor Olwyn Barnett

It is with deep sadness that I advise that Councillor Olwyn Barnett, chairman of Herefordshire Council has passed away.

The chairman passed away quietly in her sleep last night with her loving family around her.

Councillor Barnett served as a county councillor for Mortimer ward for over 34 years and as chairman of the council since 2011.

Olwyn was committed to a number of worthy causes, particularly in the areas of education and social care and played a pivotal role in the innovative partnership between Herefordshire Council and NHS Herefordshire.

She was also a founder member of St Michael’s Hospice and a dedicated supporter and fundraiser. In 2012, she established the Herefordshire Diamond County Awards, which continue to recognise and celebrate local businesses' commitment to helping our communities.

Councillor Barnett was a credit to the council and her ward and will be greatly missed for her tremendous spirit and total commitment to Herefordshire and the council.

Our heartfelt condolences are with her family, friends and colleagues at this time.

Alistair Neill
Herefordshire Council chief executive

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