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A national figure names Herefordshire as County of the Month at a recent conference for schools

Around 100 children from around the county enjoyed a day of eco workshops, learning and an awards ceremony which celebrated the excellent work they do through the Eco-Schools programme.

The event which was held at the Courtyard Theatre on Friday 7 November attracted 14 schools with Eco-Schools status and prizes were presented by MP Jesse Norman, Dr Morgan Phillips, education manager for Eco-Schools England and Cllr Phillip Price, Herefordshire Council’s cabinet member for infrastructure.

Dr Morgan Phillips, education manager for Eco-Schools England attended the conference which was organised by the energy and environment team at Herefordshire Council. The event acknowledged and celebrated the wonderful environmental education that our schools deliver through Eco-Schools and the councils’ schools energy programme.

The pupils impressed him with their descriptions of projects and exchanging of ideas to share good practice. He presented schools with certificates to acknowledge their achievements.

He praised Herefordshire as a county which recognises the broad benefits of environmental education and who throw their full weight behind it and hence named Herefordshire as County of the Month for November. His full report can be seen on the Eco-Schools website

MP Jesse Norman described Eco- Schools as a “fantastic initiative” and Councillor Price, who is a keen supporter of Eco Schools, encouraged everyone to reduce their waste as he described the new alternate weekly waste collection service to the delegates. Waste minimisation is one of the Eco-Schools topics.

Dr Phillips believes that the “key to success seems to be the mutual support schools, local authorities and outside providers offer to each other to keep education for sustainability fresh, relevant and enjoyable for all involved. Creativity and enthusiasm drive everything forward; the resulting impacts on children’s learning and the county’s sustainability performance provide the evidence that ‘this stuff’ works, which in turn reinforces everyone’s motivation to keep at it.”

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