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Guess who fosters in Herefordshire?

Herefordshire Council Fostering Service is asking local residents to guess who fosters and raise awareness of the need to recruit more foster carers in Herefordshire, as part of Foster Care Fortnight™ 2014.

This Foster Care Fortnight, with a theme of ‘guess who fosters’, the campaign is busting myths about fostering and focusing on the skills and experience needed to become a foster carer and to provide a loving home for vulnerable children. For the vast majority of children, a foster home can provide the stability and support needed to secure a better future. In Herefordshire, there is a particular need to find more foster carers to look after teenagers and groups of siblings.

During Foster Care Fortnight (May 12-25), run by leading charity the Fostering Network, Herefordshire’s Fostering Service will be out and about in the community, ready to talk to people about what its really like to foster. Residents can meet current foster carers and also talk to social workers about the support available:

Wednesday 14th May (9am to 4pm)               ASDA

Thursday 15th May (9am to 3.30pm)              High Town Farmer’s Market

Wednesday 21st May (9am to 4pm)               Sainsbury’s

Monday 9th June (10am to 4pm)                    Tesco


Herefordshire’s Fostering Service is also running an open evening at Moor House, near Widemarsh Common, from 7pm to 9pm on Monday 19th May. 

Jo Davidson, Director of Children’s Wellbeing, said: “Every year foster carers leave the service due to retirement or to pursue other avenues of work and so there is a constant need to recruit new foster carers. Together with a rise in the number of children coming into care, this means we are calling on the people of Herefordshire to come forward and see if they can foster.

“There are many myths about who can become a foster carer, but what really matters is a that someone has the commitment, skills and ability to look after children separated from their own families, and to offer them a stable and secure home.”

Lynda, a current foster carer in Herefordshire, said: “It’s been a delight. Kept us on our toes and given us a new dimension to our lives. The satisfaction we gain from the knowledge that we are lucky enough to play a part in helping young people to grow and develop physically and emotionally is enormous. Now a year into our journey we look back and our only regret is that we didn’t become Foster Carers sooner.”

To find out more about fostering in Herefordshire, contact us at 01432 383240. 

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