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Improving sexual health

Good sexual health means that you are happy and confident in the decisions you are making about sex. Avoiding an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection doesn't have to break the bank. There are a number of low and no-cost ways to keep yourself and your partners healthy.

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Top tips to improve sexual health
  • Want to avoid unplanned pregnancy for free? There are 15 types of contraception available free on the NHS.  Find out which is right for you 
  • Get free emergency contraception Feel that your usual contraception method has not protected you? Then don't delay; get free emergency contraception as soon as possible to reduce the chances of an unplanned pregnancy
  • To reduce condom costs, stock up when they are on offer
  • To reduce condom costs, try store brand (for example Boots or Tesco) as they can be cheaper than name brand. *To ensure quality and safety all condoms should bear the kitemark symbol and be bought from a reputable seller
  • Do a quick internet search to see who has the best deals on condoms
  • Aged between 15 – 24? Yes!! Then order your free and confidential chlamydia testing kit from B-Clear
  • Why not spend your lunch break getting a free 15 minute routine check-up for STIs – phone the integrated sexual health service on 01432 378915 to book your appointment at the Xpress Checkout Clinic (Mon – Fri, 12.30pm to 2pm)

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