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Cutting down on alcohol

Cut costs by cutting down on alcohol
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How much money do you or your family spend on alcohol? A drink here and there could add up quickly. Cutting down could mean more cash in your pocket and other great benefits like sleeping better, losing weight and having more energy. Why not take a look at how much you're drinking and what it's costing you and get some tips for cutting down? 

More information about drinking sensibly

How much are you drinking and how much is it costing you?


Calculate your costs on the go with the Change4Life smartphone app or the Drinks Meter for young people - take a look at your previous week’s drinking, including how much it has cost.

Top tips

Cut down and save with some of these tips:  

  • Sign up for Dry January: cut out alcohol for a month and see how much you save.
  •  Try for at least 2 alcohol free days each week.  What could you do instead? 
  • Pouring your own drinks means you’re likely to drink more – buy a drinks measure to check how much you’re really drinking.  A small glass of wine is 125ml. 
  • If you tend to drink at a certain time of day, plan other activities and tasks at those times. 
  • Add a mixer – have a pint of shandy instead of beer, add fizzy water or lemonade to a small glass of wine for a spritzer or have a single shot of a spirit with double mixer = same lovely long drink,  less alcohol and less money.
  •  Make a plan: Only bring a fixed amount of money along to spend on alcohol and leave your credit cards at home. 
  • Quench your thirst with non-alcoholic drinks before alcohol. 
  • Space & pace yourself – Alternate alcoholic drinks with water and pace yourself by drinking slowly and enjoy the taste

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