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Buttermarket proposals shortlisted

The development of Hereford Buttermarket saw four interesting proposals presented to a cross council panel on Thursday 11 December.

Although there had originally been six expressions of interest in developing the Buttermarket, two candidates withdrew before the presentation date.  The remaining candidates submitted a short presentation and outline business case to a selected cross council panel of Councillor Patricia Morgan, Councillor Harry Bramer and Councillor Mark Hubbard from Herefordshire Council and Steve Kerry from Hereford City Council.

Following the presentations, two candidates have been shortlisted to present a full business case in March with the preferred candidate and development proposal due to be announced in the summer. The unsuccessful candidates were notified yesterday (Tuesday 16 December).

The two candidates who were not selected will be asked and encouraged to engage with the two shortlisted candidates to assist them to prepare comprehensive business cases which accurately reflect the requirements of local businesses, residents and councils.

As part of the process, Herefordshire Council today met with Buttermarket traders to ensure they’re fully up to date with the development proposals and the next steps.

Councillor Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “The panel was pleased with the four presentations received, as they covered a range of interesting and viable proposals, and are delighted to have shortlisted two strong candidates.  Herefordshire Council aims to ensure that Hereford’s Buttermarket remains as a market for the city, but one which perhaps also incorporates other opportunities such as for small business start-ups and education.”

Steve Kerry, Hereford City Council town clerk, said: “The city council supports the view that the Buttermarket should be retained as a market for the city.  We will continue to work with Herefordshire Council to ensure that the right proposal is chosen; one which builds upon the history of the site and brings further economic investment, retail choice and opportunities.”

Antony Hill, chairman of the Buttermarket independent traders association, said: “I am pleased that Herefordshire Council took the time to meet with Buttermarket traders today to discuss the proposals and the next steps for taking the development forward.  We look forward to being involved in the process and working with the candidates to ensure the proposals safeguard the diverse market culture currently in place.”

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