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Council statement: High Town fire damaged buildings

The condition of the fire damaged buildings in High Town, Hereford was considered by full Council on Friday 18 July. It has now been decided that enforcement action will commence against the owner of the properties in the form of a Section 215 Notice. This will require the properties and land to be restored to a specified standard as in its current condition the properties are adversely affecting the amenities of the local area.

The council has held extensive discussions with the owner to encourage them to repair the buildings as quickly as possible, as it would with any private land owner. This has brought about the protection of the historic elements of the buildings that will be retained in the new development scheme, which was granted planning permission shortly after the fire occurred.

However, it has not resulted in any more fundamental rebuilding and restoration taking place and as it is several years since the incident, it is now time to take enforcement action.

The council has contacted the owner to advise that this action is being taken.

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