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Postponed cabinet report

The Waste report scheduled for the cabinet meeting on Friday 4 October has had to be postponed.  Following the securing of planning permission from the Secretary of State, this  report was to cover, primarily, the  financial aspects of the proposed Energy from Waste Plant at Hartlebury Trading Estate  including an assessment of value for money, affordability and proposed funding options.  

As part of detailed discussions  between the two councils involved (Herefordshire Council and Worcestershire County Council) and central government, an additional funding option was recently suggested.

In order to properly explore this option alongside all others there are a number of complex matters that need to be worked through.

The councils are committed to finding the most cost effective waste disposal solution for the residents of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and so  to ensure this further proposal is developed to the level of detail required for proper consideration, the report to cabinet will be postponed allowing this further work to be completed ahead of any recommendation .

Between the councils and central government a new timeline will be worked up, and communicated as soon as possible.