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Changes to Herefordshire Council’s cabinet

A number of changes to Herefordshire Council’s cabinet have been announced with effect from 1 November 2013.

Councillor Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “The council has to radically change in response to the financial position affecting all councils across the country.  We have already lost several hundred staff, senior management and director posts since 2010 with more planned in the years ahead.  As funding continues to reduce, more and more we will become a commissioning authority which shares an increasing level of service provision and administration with partners.

“Against this background and future requirements, the form and size of the cabinet has been adjusted to reflect these changes.  Councillor Hamilton will not be replaced and his duties along with other portfolio items have been redistributed. 

“Councillor Phillips will step down from the cabinet allowing him to spend more time and expertise on the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), which central government has clearly stated will be the conduit for all funding from Westminster and Europe. 

“Councillor Morgan will take over as the new deputy leader from Councillor Price allowing him to concentrate on the core strategy, which is likely to be the largest single portfolio item we will have for some years, which when added to areas such as highways and planning, will present a significant workload.

“This is not simply a re-shuffle, the size and shape of the new cabinet is designed to reflect the changing demands on Herefordshire Council.”

The new cabinet is:

Councillor Tony Johnson
Leader of Herefordshire Council / Corporate strategy and finance

Councillor Patricia Morgan
Deputy leader of Herefordshire Council / Corporate services

Councillor Harry Bramer
Contracts and assets

Councillor Graham Powell
Health and wellbeing

Councillor Philip Price

Councillor Jeremy Millar
Young people and children’s wellbeing

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