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Gritters prepared as colder temperatures forecasted

Gritter gets ready

With colder temperatures in the forecast into next week, a fleet of 15 Balfour Beatty gritters are at the ready to treat priority routes across Herefordshire.

Salt levels are full with 6,500 tonnes of grit and teams have been out to fill parish grit bins throughout the county.

Rachel Davies, Balfour Beatty customer liaison officer said: “Our gritters will be focusing on maintaining all priority routes in the county. They have already been out a couple of times in frosty conditions and if temperatures drop more next week we are well prepared.

“We have crews on call 24 hours a day who can react quickly to changing or extreme weather conditions. Generally, all planned early morning treatments are completed before 7.30am and in periods of prolonged freezing weather or snow we carry out salting or snow clearing whenever possible.”

Bruce Evans, Herefordshire Council’s senior highways engineer, said:  “We have over 598 miles of roads that we will be treating to help keep road users safe and minimise any disruption. We would also like to ask drivers to take extra care as temperatures drop and road conditions change.”

The trunk roads, including the M50 and the A49, are maintained by the Highways Agency.

Drivers can check which routes will be treated by checking the gritting routes map and by following our ‘gritter twitter’ on @herefordstreets


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