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Conservative Group elects new leader

Councillor Tony Johnson has been elected Conservative Group leader at the Group’s AGM last week (9 May). 

Councillor Johnson has served with the council for nearly three years.  He was voted in as ward member for Hope End following a by-election in May 2010 and is currently cabinet member for financial management.  He spent the last 30 years of his working life in finance and banking and played a significant role in successfully transforming the former state-run Trustees Savings Bank (TSB) into a commercial business.

Councillor Olwyn Barnett, chairman of the council said: “I am pleased for both Councillor Johnson as the newly elected leader for the Conservative Group and for Councillor Sebastian Bowen as the newly elected leader for the Herefordshire Independents Group.

“Councillor Johnson’s experience in transforming the TSB bears a strong resemblance to the work we have to do as a council over the next few years.  He has the skill, experience and dedication to get us through this difficult challenge.

“Councillor Bowen brings many years of experience in local government and has been involved in many areas of service provision throughout the authority.”

Over the next few weeks, Councillor Johnson will spend much time working closely with the new chief executive, Alistair Neill, and the current leader of the council, Councillor John Jarvis who will remain in post until the annual council meeting when  councillors will elect the new leader of the council (24 May).