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Council to implement office car parking charges

Herefordshire Council is implementing car parking charges in selected council offices in Hereford.

The charges, which will be payable by council staff and visitors, will be introduced on 1 June 2013 in Bath Street, Brockington, Plough Lane, Shirehall and the Town Hall. 

Alistair Neill, Herefordshire Council chief executive, said: “We have made the decision to implement car parking charges in selected council office locations in Hereford, with effect from 1 June 2013.” 

“This is obviously a very sensitive issue in the current economic climate and whilst all reasonable options have been considered, we recognise that there is no perfect solution.  However, at a time when we are trying to encourage residents and businesses to travel in more sustainable ways, it is the right approach that we lead by example.”

“It is hoped that the introduction of car parking charges will encourage more staff, where possible, to consider alternative means of travel such as walking, cycling, car sharing, public transport, park and cycle or park and share.  This will help to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions in Hereford, where 10,000 car journeys are made every morning during peak times, all of which are less than three miles long.”

“This will mean that those using council office car parks where charges are in effect, will be required to pay the relevant charge by purchasing a ticket from the pay and display machine.”