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Bridge repair to close road

Herefordshire Council, Amey Herefordshire and Natural England have worked together to develop a solution to allow the full re-opening of the C1262 - Hoarwithy bridge to Kings Caple road in Herefordshire.

Further to the enforced closure in February 2013 due to subsidence caused by a local badger sett and the implementation of an interim solution, work to fully repair the road will begin on 22 July 2013.

Badgers and their setts are strictly protected by law. Herefordshire Council and Amey have been working closely with Natural England to determine the best way to repair and reopen the road without causing unlawful disruption to the sett during the past breeding season.
The road will close for an initial period of five days to allow for the evaluation of the underlying road condition during which time the approach road to the bridge on both sides of the River Wye will be closed to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
In the event that additional time is required to complete the work, as identified by the evaluation, the length of closure may have to be extended in order that a long term solution can be completed.
Herefordshire Council appreciates that the road closure will cause inconvenience for local residents and businesses during this period but are confident that the short term closure will provide a long term solution to this historic problem.
Ward Councillor Barry Durkin has been liaising with the affected parish council, residents and his constituents and looks forward to the full re-opening of the road and the reinstatement of the banks and verges.

Councillor Barry Durkin said: “The bridge is vital to local people, those providing local services and visitors alike and the closure will cause disruption to access and the provision of services; in addition to emergency vehicle access. However, the works to the highway are essential as the road has become severely undermined and the work must be carried out to enable access in the longer term and local residents and emergency services will be informed in good time." 

"The roads out of Kings Caple are being inspected prior to the start of work and any potholes or defects rectified.  As the entire access road to the bridge will be a construction site without pedestrian or vehicular access I would request that no vehicle attempt to 'get around' any barriers and that pedestrians do not enter the site or attempt to manoeuvre around the barriers as they may put themselves in personal danger.”

“I am liaising widely and working with the councillors on Kings Caple Parish Council and adjoining parish councils are being informed to keep residents and others locals who will be affected informed.”

For further information please contact your local parish council representative.