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Cycling Ambassadors come to Hereford

People will soon see a team of cycling ambassadors wheeling around Hereford on stylish Dutch bicycles to promote safe, healthy cycling for short journeys around the city. 

A cycling ambassador scheme, mimicking a project from Portland Oregon, is a new part of Herefordshire Council’s personal travel planning service. The seven ambassadors are volunteers who aim to demonstrate that cycling is sociable, safe and stylish.

The first cycling ambassador to volunteer is committed bicycle user and Belmont Councillor Phil Edwards. He becomes Hereford City Mayor later this year and is a very positive and enthusiastic about his new role in this scheme.

“Being a cycle ambassador means I can help other people choose how they might get around town differently too, and help people to look at cycling as a good, safe, fun choice.

“Having cycled in and around Hereford for nearly 25 years, I’m also committed to continuing my short, city journeys on a bike as it seems an appropriate and obvious choice.

“My role as an ambassador is also to ensure that I promote safe and responsible driving. I love my car, but as a cyclist too, I drive responsibly, keeping an eye out for cyclists and ensuring I share the road conscientiously”.

Paula McGivern, from the Choose How You Move team said: “This scheme is designed to demonstrate an easy relaxed style of cycling, akin to that found in the Netherlands.

“We want to show city residents who would normally use a car for short journeys that you don’t need expensive specialist kit to get around town on a bike, and most people who use bicycles are responsible community-minded road users.

“We couldn’t wish for a better supporter and having a cycling ambassador mayor will be a first for Hereford”.

The ambassador scheme will run for one year from April 2013 and volunteers would be expected to make at least one cycle journey a week as a substitute for car journey in the city.

If you want to find out more about volunteering as a cycling ambassador please contact Jeanne on 07792881612. Closing date for applications April 5 2013.