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Council holds workshops on tendering for new business

Herefordshire council is holding tendering workshops to help businesses diversify and enter the adult social care market.

Following two successful events held earlier this month, where more than 50 businesses expressed an interest in tendering in the adult social care sector; two further events have been organised.  These will take place on 28 August and 12 September at The Kindle Centre, ASDA, Hereford.

The council wants to broaden the range of services and activities available to all adults so that everyone can enjoy a good quality of life, regardless of their age or status.  More and more people are using their personal budgets to choose how and what to purchase in order to create a personalised service which meets their individual needs. 

Those with complex needs will continue to have essential services provided by organisations experienced in delivering adult social care.  However, some needs could be fulfilled by existing businesses in the social, leisure and cultural sectors.  

The event will update delegates on the council’s commissioning proposals for adult social care and explain the business opportunities available to them in Herefordshire.  Delegates will also learn about the technical aspects of tendering with the council.

Anyone interested in attending either of the events can book a free place by emailing