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Phone line set up to help people get healthy

The council’s public health team is testing out a new phone line to make it easier for people to find information about healthy lifestyles. 

In a three month trial that begins next month (1 May), people can ring 01432 383001 for information about stopping smoking, drinking alcohol sensibly, being more physically active, eating a healthy diet, achieving a healthy weight, sexual health services and tips for improving mental wellbeing.  

Making a change to a healthier lifestyle can have many benefits.  For example, stopping smoking can save money, cutting down on alcohol can improve sleep and memory and being a healthy weight can increase energy levels and reduce breathlessness.  

Elizabeth Shassere, director of public health, said: “Getting the right information is a key first step to making healthier lifestyle choices.  We have a range of great services and opportunities in our community to support those choices.  We know that 70 per cent of people who smoke want to quit.  Most of us would like to lose a bit of weight and feel better.  And there are lots of ways to get help to do those things that are available in Herefordshire.  We would like to make it easier for people to access that help.

“Although a wealth of health information exists on the internet, we understand that peoples’ preference for how they access health information varies. 

“The healthy lifestyles information phone line will offer the public another channel for finding health information.  We will see if people find it useful over the three month trial period, and to what extent it helps to meet people’s needs for this information.”

Healthy lifestyles information can also be found on our new Health Improvement web pages at    . 

The phone line trial will run until 31 July.