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Truckers tuck into healthy food

Truckers and motorists can now enjoy healthier food when they stop for a roadside snack thanks to a new project promoting healthier cooking options and products at mobile café outlets in the county.

The ‘Trucker Tucker’ scheme, launched by Herefordshire Council this month, aims to rid the roadside stops of its ‘greasy spoon’ stereotype and get people making healthier choices when they stop for a snack. 

The initial participant was a roadside mobile café called “As You Like It”, owned by street trader Mrs Amanda Kendrick, situated at the bottom of Callow Hill on the A49 between Hereford and Ross.

With hot food being prepared on a griddle using fresh locally sourced produce and no chips or deep fat frying on offer, the snack bar was already serving up some healthy eating options.  With advice from the project, simple changes have been brought in to make the healthy choices even better.

Changes brought in include providing low fat sauces and mayonnaise, displaying fruit where the chocolate used to be, providing wholemeal bread options, asking customers if they want the fat cut off bacon (most say yes when asked) and always offering customers the choice of butter or margarine on sandwiches and rolls rather than assuming that they do.

In addition, the café is using lower salt and sugar variety of baked beans as standard option with no negative comments received so far and is providing a healthy meal deal option which has proved very popular, particularly amongst female customers.

Mrs Kendrick said:  “Giving customers healthy eating opportunities has really paid off. By marketing these changes, I’ve seen people stopping and buying products that would have not purchased the more traditional type of food items”.

Mike Pigrem, acting head of consumer and business protection, added “This exercise has clearly shown that offering a range of easy healthy eating options can be adopted by any food business. Not only can this improve the range of products on offer, without compromising taste, it is also beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the public.”