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Council looks to protect and streamline services

The first of a number of radical decisions to reshape local services and reduce costs has been made by Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet.

Over the last few years, the council has faced unprecedented cuts in the grants it receives from central government and as a direct response to this is currently undertaking an 18 month ‘Root and Branch Review’ programme.

The programme involves a fundamental review of services alongside a re-organisation of the council to not only cut costs but also protect services to vulnerable people.  The aim is to redefine the role of Herefordshire Council and other public services while setting out the priorities for the next decade and rebuilding budgets with clear links between spend and results.

The first phase of reviews are proposing to save in the region of £7 million, through early information and guidance for older people to delay or prevent the use of high cost care and support, the promotion of a self-service culture for our customers, changing the way housing support works so vulnerable residents get the help they need and ensuring better value for money by re-letting major contracts such as highways.

Councillor John Jarvis, leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “This is a time of significant change for the council and as such we’re taking the opportunity to look at what we do, how we do it and if it can be done better or differently.” 

“As any future changes will impact on residents, we have ensured we’ve listened to their views by visiting a number of locations across the county with the ‘Your community – your say’ process.  This has resulted in a rich two way dialogue with local communities and alongside this year’s Quality of Life survey will be fed into the Root and Branch Review programme to help develop the council’s vision for the future.”

To find out about the Root and Branch Review programme and the recommendations from the first phase of reviews, please visit our website at: