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Ledbury toddlers enjoy Festival of Lights

Monkey warriors, demons and a story of love and reunion is on the agenda this week as Ledbury Children’s Centre prepares to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

On Wednesday, 14 November, the centre will devote its story time and stay and play sessions to the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia.  Neeta Dhanak, storyteller and friend of the centre, will create a wonderful insight into the celebrations surrounding Diwali for the children.  She will re-tell the myth of Rama Sita Hanuman and read a child’s version of how  Lord Rama rescued his wife Sita from the demon Ravana, and how the people of their hometown, Ayodhya,  lit oil lamps (divas) in rows to guide them back home..

Jill Jupp from the children’s centre, said: “The children will have the chance to try lots of exciting activities including making Diwali cards and decorations.  We’ve also got some great events lined up for families to enjoy, including exploring Asian music and having a go at stick dancing. 

“Diwali is a great way of helping children learn about other cultures and for children and their parents and carers to enjoy dressing up in Indian head scarves and Bindis, They can also have their hands painted with henna and taste specially prepared Indian snacks.”

Existing users and newcomers are welcome. Ring 01432 383840 for more information.