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Stay safe watching the Olympic Torch Relay

With the Olympic Torch arriving in Herefordshire in a matter of days Herefordshire Council is asking people to think about their plans for the day and ensure their own safety throughout this memorable event.

Herefordshire Council has issued the following advice:

• Safety of yourself and your family is your responsibility

• Try and watch the relay as near to your home, school or place of work as possible to avoid unnecessary journeys

• DO NOT run out in front of or alongside the Torch

• No parking on the Torch route

• There will be two convoys that will pass on the day – the first will be the activation convoy which will give out freebees by sponsors and shortly thereafter the Torch convoy with the Torchbearer carrying the Olympic Torch

• Where it is safe to do so, view from the pavement which is on the passenger door side of the convoy

• Freebies will be given out by sponsors on the passenger door side of the convoy during the activation stage, so stay there to stay safe and potentially receive a gift

• The weather forecast is for warm temperatures, make sure you plan to take along warm weather essentials like sunscreen, hats, and water to drink

• On the day tune in to local radio and follow to enjoy the Torch Relay and stay safe!

Residents are reminded that there is likely to be increased traffic on the road which might be moving at a slower speed, so allow plenty of time for any journey, park sensibly and legally, use public transport where possible and listen to local radio for regular updates.

For more information on the route and road closures visit

The streets along the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay can be viewed in full at:, this website gives street-by-street details and proposed start times for when the Olympic Flame will travel through Herefordshire.