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How do you travel in Hereford?

Herefordshire Council will be extending their current travel survey to include train, bus and car travel.

Over the past few weeks, the council’s Personal Travel Plan (PTP) travel advisors have been out and about in Hereford, collecting information from residents about their transport arrangements, which helps to create a picture of how people currently travel across the county.

In support of these surveys, representatives from the council’s delivery partner Amey, will be in Hereford at the end of May, to collect additional information surrounding train, bus and car travel.  The information will be gathered through a process of counting people and vehicles and face to face interviews, to understand the type of journeys people are making and how often they are made.

Steve Burgess, Herefordshire Council’s head of transportation and access, said: “The additional surveys will allow us to understand how many people use public transport, along with how many cars travel across the city centre at certain times of the day.  It will provide information to help us plan transport improvements across Hereford for the future.

The counting element of the survey will take place at Hereford railway station, Hereford city and county bus stations and on primary routes into the city centre, while the car park surveys will be face to face, with people being asked their reason for travel along with their journey origin and final destination.”

He added: “We are very aware that some of these surveys can be disruptive, but the information they'll provide will be essential for us to plan reliably for the future and to reduce congestion in Hereford.”

The counting surveys will take place between Monday 28 May and Friday 1 June, while the car park surveys will commence slightly earlier on Thursday 17 May to Friday 1 June at car parks across Hereford.

For additional survey information please contact Ben Watts, Herefordshire Council’s senior transportation planning officer on 01432 383655 or to help you ‘Choose how you move’, please visit