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Travel surveys begin in Hereford and Leominster

As plans to ease traffic congestion in the city begin to take shape, Herefordshire Council is working with its partners to begin a two month programme of transport surveys. 

On behalf of the council and the Highways Agency, Amey will be sending out travel questionnaires to people in Hereford. Surveys will also be issued to residents in Leominster to provide a comparison with travel behaviour in the city.

The forms will ask people to record what their travel movements are, what type of transport they use at the moment and what sort of journeys they make on a daily basis. In addition, there will be transport counts, both manual and automatic, taking place across Hereford to monitor existing travel patterns by all forms of transport.

The information gained by these surveys will be used to provide a baseline against which we can monitor future changes to travel behaviour and reliably plan for the future.  This will be particularly useful to see what sort of impact the council’s Destination Hereford Transport Project is having.   The data will also be used to update the existing Hereford transport model, which helps the council set priorities for changes to the transport system.