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Luxuries and Essentials - the story of our need to shop

The history of trade and shopping is the theme of a new Museum on the Move exhibition, Luxuries and Essentials, which makes its debut in Hereford’s High Town this week (Monday 2 April).

The multi-sensory, hands-on exhibition takes a nostalgic look at our need to shop.  People visiting the exhibition can explore the history of shops and shopping, finding out what we buy and how we buy it, from ancient times to the present day. 

Visitors to the 27 foot long Museum on the Move can also explore a medieval market stall, use a modern till or discover how transactions were carried out before the invention of money.

For some, there will be memories to share of shopping, rationing and collecting coupons.

Kate Andrew, principal heritage officer, said: “This is a great exhibition for the whole family to visit.  I’m sure there’ll be many grandparents who will love to reminisce over some of the familiar brands and products with their grandchildren.  Today’s children find it difficult to imagine how life was before internet shopping, so getting an understanding of how shopping became one of our favourite pastimes and how the trade process works will be an eye opener for them.’

The museum will be in Hereford High Town on Monday 2 April at 2pm when it will be opened by Councillor Phillips and is free for people to visit until 4pm.

After this, it goes on tour around the county. The exhibition can be booked by calling 01432 383595.