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Jequirity bean bracelet warning

Jequirity bean bracelet
Jequirity bean bracelet
Herefordshire Council has issued a safety alert regarding the sale of red and black bracelets made from Jequirity beans, the deadly seed of the plant abrus precatorious. The bean contains a toxic abrin, which if swallowed, can kill in doses of just three micrograms.

A number of supply outlets have been identified throughout the country with the Eden Project potentially being the biggest supplier, but no supply outlets have been identified in Herefordshire.

The director of public health for Herefordshire, Dr Sarah Aitken, said: "As soon as we received this warning, our environmental health and trading standards team alerted local businesses. The team concluded that it is highly unlikely that any bracelets have been sold in the county.

"However, as a precautionary measure, if anybody thinks they may have obtained one of these bracelets they are advised to double bag and seal them. They should wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes and mouth as exposure to even a small amount may be fatal. Any bagged and sealed items should be handed in to your local police station as soon as possible."

"Although there have been no reported incidents in Herefordshire, we want to make sure that parents of children that may go on school trips outside of the county for example, are  made aware of the possible dangers."

Should anyone suspect that these bracelets may be on sale in Herefordshire, they are advised to contact Trading Standards on 01432 261761.