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Household travel surveys needed to improve the county's transport

Herefordshire Council is urging people in Hereford and Leominster to fill in and return travel surveys that have been landing on doorsteps over the last two weeks.

The surveys have been sent to around 12,000 households. The aim of the surveys is to find out more about people's travel needs so that the council can plan transport improvements in and around the county.

Each survey has three parts: The first section asks for household information and what sort of access residents have to key facilities such as schools and shops. The second asks for information about the person completing the form and third section is a one-day travel record where respondents are asked to chart their travel details for one day.

In addition, there will be transport counts, both manual and automatic, taking place across Hereford to monitor existing travel patterns by all forms of transport.

The information gained by these surveys and transport counts will be used to provide a baseline against which the council can monitor future changes to travel behaviour and reliably plan for the future.

Councillor Adrian Blackshaw, cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: "The council is embarking on a countywide campaign to encourage people to choose how they move and reduce traffic congestion in the busy towns and Hereford city. With funding from the Department of Transport, lots of exciting activities are going to be happening over the next few months under the banner of Destination Hereford. We are also putting together plans to make sure we can manage future transport demand across the county.

"But we need to get a good understanding of how people travel at the moment, and what their needs are likely to be in the future which is why the surveys are so important.

"The deadline for returning the surveys is 6 April 2012. So I would urge anyone who has received a survey to fill it in and return it in the pre-paid envelope."