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Hoardings advice to pedestrians in Hereford

Pedestrians heading for Hereford city centre are being advised that over the next few weeks they may have to walk a different way into the city if they approach it from Edgar Street.

With hoardings due to start going up prior to the commencement of work to demolish the old cattle market, the pedestrian crossing at the end of Edgar Street near the Tesco roundabout, is due to be closed soon.

The underpass which runs beneath Newmarket Street will also be closed.

Once the hoardings go up along Newmarket Street, the bus stop will have to move a few yards down the road near the Old Market Tavern.

Motorists parking in Merton Meadow car park and heading for the city centre are also being advised that the best route into the city centre will be to head along Blackfriars Street towards Widemarsh Street and head for the shops from there.

This is due to the hoardings which will effectively block off the cut-through across the ground-level car park behind Garrick House multi-storey car park.

“We’ve worked with Stanhope, the developers, to ensure the site is ready for demolition, which we are expecting to commence soon,” said Jonathan Bretherton, chief executive of Hereford Futures.

“We apologise in advance for any inconvenience pedestrians may experience due to the hoardings, but hope they will share our excitement about this next significant step in the Old Market project,” he added.