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Improving services for people with learning disabilities

NHS Herefordshire and Herefordshire Council are gathering views to find out how good health services are for people with learning disabilities in Herefordshire.

People with learning disabilities have been invited to bring their families and carers to a Big Health Check Day to on 18th July to talk about how they’d like services for people with a learning disability to change over the next couple of years.  Those attending this event will learn about what is happening across the country and share what people in Herefordshire are think about the services they receive. There will then be the opportunity to reflect on how well local services are meeting need and to determine the most important things to work on in the future.

The event takes place at The Kindle Centre, ASDA, Hereford from 10am-3pm and will involve lots of discussions about what sort of services are being provided at the moment to keep people healthy, independent and happy.  The aim is to find out where improvements need to be made, and to see if there are gaps in services that need to be filled.

Amanda Edwards, NHS Herefordshire, said:  “We want the day to be as interactive as possible.  We need to know how we’re doing and what we need to work on in the future. It’s a great chance for people with learning disabilities to meet others and help health professionals understand what sort of impact the services they provide are having.

“The day will be an enjoyable one with plenty of breaks and a free buffet lunch for those who come along.

“We want to make sure that anything we do has real benefits to people’s health and wellbeing and talking to our customers is a valuable way of seeing where improvements or changes need to be made.”

Anyone interested in attending is asked to contact the team on 01432 383228.