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Census scam alert

Herefordshire Council has been asked to alert residents to a scam which circulating relating to the census which took place last year.

An email entitled 'Population Census: a message to everyone - act now' is being circulated, allegedly in the name of National Statistician, Jil Matheson.

The email demands individuals provide further personal information, supposedly for the Census and threatens fines for non-compliance.

Glen Watson, 2011 Census Director for the Office for National Statistics, said: “This email is a scam and a hoax. It has no connection whatsoever with the National Statistician, the 2011 Census or the Office for National Statistics.

“We believe the links in the email could download malware to any computer where the user clicks on the links. This could put your personal data, including financial information, at risk.

“Anyone receiving this, or similar emails, should delete them, not open any links and certainly not provide any information.”

Anyone receiving the email – or any other scam emails - can report them to
ONS takes the protection of personal census information extremely seriously. Collection of census data was completed last year and no further requests will be forthcoming from the Office for National Statistics relating to the 2011 Census.