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Gritters keep county moving

Herefordshire Council’s contracting partners Amey used 800 tonnes of salt over the coldest weekend of the year so far.

On Saturday, February 4, all priority routes were gritted twice and secondary routes once while on Sunday, February 5, priority routes were gritted five times with secondary routes gritted once.

Each treatment of priority routes covers 600 miles of treatment and each treatment of secondary routes is 425 miles of treatment, so in these two days alone, 5,050 miles were covered.

Clive Hall, Herefordshire Council’s head of highways and community services, said: “This has been the busiest weekend of the winter season so far but I would like to assure residents that we still have around 3,100 tonnes of salt left in our barns with more stocks due to arrive soon.

“I would also like to remind residents that they can receive updates from our Gritter Twitter feed which will let them know when and where gritting has taken place and help them to plan their journeys safely.

“All people need to do is log onto and then they will receive real time updates when the winter fleet is gritting roads around the county,” he added.

“Tweets” will typically notify followers of the proposed time for gritting, when routes are being inspected as well as confirmation that the gritting runs are complete.

They will also notify followers when car parks have been gritted and when the fleet of gritters is on standby, giving an indication of potential adverse weather.