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Coming to a screen near you…

The first webcast of a Herefordshire Council meeting proved a resounding success with more than 1,000 people having viewed it.

A total of 463 people watched last week’s planning committee meeting, held on Wednesday, February 1, as it happened.

A further 704 people logged on to the council’s website - - to watch it over the next five days, meaning that by Monday this week, a total of 1,167 people had seen the meeting over the web.

“This has been an enormous success and proves there is an appetite for people to watch locally elected councillors making decisions on their behalf,” said the council’s head of governance, John Jones.

“Depending on what’s on the agenda, we can get between a handful and sometimes 40 or 50 people at our committee meetings. To boost this figure to more than a thousand represents a 96 per cent increase which is great news for those who want open and transparent decision making in Herefordshire.

“It was really the council just dipping its toe in the water to see what the response would be so we’re delighted so many people have taken an interest.”

People who have viewed the committee were asked to tell the council if they think the council should continue webcasting meetings.

A total of 86 people left their views with 71 (83 per cent) in favour.

The council welcomes feedback on the webcast and anyone who has seen it can send their views to

Consideration will now be given to extending webcasting to all of the council’s public meetings.