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NHS reminds people of services open during August bank holiday weekend

With the number of people attending A & E at the county hospital on the increase, people in Herefordshire needing health advice are being reminded of the alternative NHS services open this bank holiday weekend.  

Bank holiday weekends often lead to an increase in the number of people attending A & E.  Many people attend with minor injuries or illnesses such as minor cuts or flu, which could be treated more quickly at their local pharmacy, minor injuries unit or walk in centre.

Elizabeth Shassere, director of public health at Herefordshire Council, said: “We’re urging everyone to think before they begin their bank holiday weekend celebrations as no-one wants to finish a good night out at the A & E department, so please drink sensibly and take care of yourself.
If you have a minor cut, slip, trip or fall you can visit your local minor injury units at the community hospitals or visit your local pharmacy.  Please remember that A & E and 999 should only be used for life threatening injuries or illnesses”.

Jane Griffin, A & E Lead Nurse at Wye Valley NHS Trust, said: “If you need medical treatment we will of course be here, but please consider alternative NHS services that are available to you, such as 24/7 GP advice through the out of hours service Primecare on 0330 123 9309.  your local pharmacist, NHS Choices 0845 4647, and your local minor injury units (Asda, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye Community Hospital, Kington and Ledbury)”.       

For information on pharmacy opening hours over the weekend visit