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Hereford Racecourse latest position

We will keep this page updated with the latest position over Hereford Racecourse.


The council is committed to the continuation of racing in Hereford.

We will continue to discuss the changes to the current lease with Northern Racing to make this happen.

There are no proposals to develop the racecourse for housing.

Update August 17, 2012

We have had confirmation from the British Horseracing Authority that they have agreed to the request of Northern Racing to move the 2013 race fixtures from Hereford to other courses. The Council is seeking clarification from the BHA about how this decision was made.

Update August 9, 2012

A public meeting, organised by local councillors, was held last night . It was attended by local residents, race trainers, and other people interested in racing at Herefordshire. The focus of the meeting was to see how the community can help to keep racing in Hereford.

A petition has been set up in support of saving the racecourse. If you would like to sign it follow the link to Save Hereford Racecourse petition.

Update August 3, 2012

A meeting has been arranged with Northern Racing for early September to discuss the current rent review and restructuring of the lease.

We have written to the British Horse Racing Authority to seek their support to stop further fixtures from moving from Hereford Racecourse. 

A group of local people have made public statements about their willingness to take over the Racecourse if Northern Racing cease to do so.  Our current focus is on continuing the discussions with Northern Racing but there is significant evidence of local support for racing in Hereford.

A public meeting has been arranged by local council Members on Wednesday 8th August at 7.30pm in Westfields Hall, Highmore Street HR4 9PQ. 


There has been a horse racecourse on land in the vicinity of the current racecourse since 1770’s.

The current racecourse dates back to the 1930’s.

The current lease was made in 1979 originally with the Hereford Racecourse Company which was bought out by Northern Racing around 2006. Northern Racing is owned by Arena.

On 27th July 2012 Northern Racing announced that Hereford Racecourse will close at the end of 2012.

Their lease runs until 2028.

The tenant has the right to break the lease every five years by giving the council 6 months notice.

The lease does not give the council the power to end the agreement.

The earliest that the lease could be broken by the tenant is the end of 2013.

The council is willing, in principle, to enter into a new long term lease.

The council wants horse racing to continue at Hereford Racecourse and will work with the current leaseholders, the community and anyone else with an interest in racing on the site to make that happen.

News Releases

The council has issued some news releases stating our position.

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If you would like to be kept informed about developments or have comments or suggestions to make please e-mail