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Licensing hearing held following serious incident and city pub

Herefordshire Council’s licensing regulatory committee has moved swiftly to remove the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) of The Golden Fleece Pub in Hereford city centre.

A series of incidents which culminated in a serious assault over the Easter weekend prompted the hearing, arranged under section 53A of the 2003 Licensing Act.

This allows the police to apply for a fast track review process of a licensed premises which it believes to be connected with serious crime or public disorder.

Fred Spriggs, licensing officer said: “Herefordshire Council takes incidents like this very seriously and works closely with the police to prevent serious crime and disorder.

“Along with the police, we take every effort to ensure that people can enjoy Herefordshire in safety.”

The result of the interim hearing means the Designate Premises Supervisor, Mr Nathan Dimbylow, will be removed and that the premises license will be suspended with immediate effect.

The full hearing will take place within 28 days.